Generic Employment Contract Terms & Conditions.

Every person who wish to seek employment abroad, should get knowledge before accepting job
    In any abroad country. Here we present generic employment terms for you to know it.
  1. Salary and Accommodation with Food or Food Allowance is provided by the company.
  2. Air passage from point of origin in India to the place of work in 2 years.
  3. Paid Annual leave after working for full 12 months will be granted.
  4. Medical treatment or hospitalization, if required as per host country labor law.
  5. Transportation from place of residence to place of work and back will be provided.
  6. Every employee will be cover by workmen compensation insurance.
  7. Eight hours will be working hours in a day for 6 days a week. Excluding time for LUNCH, TEA, REST & PRAYERS.
  8. Every employee will be required to abide by the laws of host country.
  9. The Agreement will be valid for the host country only.
  10. In case of death, company will arrange to send the dead body to his next kin in the country of his origin.
  11. Employee is required to work as team and earn good name and fame for himself and for the country.
  12. Employee should not become home sick and create any troubles in company.
  13. In case of any problems be it personal or professional, employee should sort out Peacefully and amicably.
  14. Employee must show good attitude and commitment towards colleagues, office bearers and sponsors for good productivity.


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